AnyGlove<sup>TM</sup> <br> Ultra (15ml)

AnyGlove <sup>TM</sup> | Touchscreen Formula for Any Glove


AnyGlove® Ultra- Works on All Types of Gloves. MaKE Your New or Old Gloves Touchscreen Compatible!



AnyGlove® Ultra- New Formula Works on All Types of Gloves. Turn Your New or Old Gloves Into Touchscreen Compatible Gloves, Touchscreen Motorcycle, Cycling, Ski, Snowboarding, Work Off-road Gloves.

  • Made in USA
  • Pull On closure
  • AnyGlove is used by Consumers, Aerospace, Industrial, Combat, Law Enforcement and First Responders all over the world.
  • A 15ml bottle of AnyGlove contains 550 drops, enough to treat about 10 pairs of gloves. Fast, safe and easy to use. Make YOUR gloves touchscreen friendly in just minutes. Simply apply AnyGlove to a 2cm x 5cm area of your glove and voila!
  • AnyGlove is approved for use by US Department of Defense/Special Ops for US, UK, AU, and NATO Armed Forces combat gloves.
  • AnyGlove Ultra Formula (Orange Label): Reformulated during COVID Lockdown to work on all kinds of gloves.

Disclaimer: Certain types of screen protectors and waterproof cases will block touchscreen glove technology, including AnyGlove. Anyglove is noticeable after application on light colored gloves, similar to store bought gloves with patches or conductive threads.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in
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